From bad horror movie to evolution

From bad horror movie to evolution

 From “bad horror movie” to “evolution”:

Everybody who is following me and my work knows that besides mosaics I like to paint intuitively and mix techniques to make it my own “happy art” style. Sometimes it is an easy process but at other times it takes a  while for a mosaic of painting to show it self.

In the case of “Evolution” it really took some time to discover what it wanted to be. What started as an intuitive painting at one time looked like a scene from a bad horror movie.

blog evolution01

Totally not my Happy Art style. So I quickly started putting on more layers. At this moment trusting the process came about. The next layer made the painting look more friendly thankfully but one way or another, this painting was not showing it self.

blog evolution02

After more and more layers (and to be honest, frustration too) the time had come to change my ways. I started putting on a 3-D composition and it soon became clear, the painting evolved into a mixed media piece. Why hadden’t I seen this earlier, it was so clear this is what it wanted to be all the time!

blog evolution03

When this clearity sets in the process get’s so much more fun! Playing with old and new  materials to create the perfect composition, add sprays, paint and more. If you keep working intuitively your work will come alive in front of your eyes. In this case the title was clear too “Evolution”.

blog evolution04

So what did I learn from this? It is absolutely possible to make an artwork evolve from bad horror movie to happy art! The only thing you need to do is trust the process and your intuition!

Give yourself the freedom to experiment and above all fun!


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