Anja Berkers

Mosaic and mixed media artist

A lot of years ago my mosaic addiction started with a simple workshop. After that I was unstoppable. Antoní Gaudi and Niki The Saint Phalle became my inexhaustible sources of inspiration. Besides ceramic tiles I quickly discovered the beauty and versatility of glass and so I’ve found my favourite material to work with. Not long after I started my own workshop studio Anja’s Feniks, to teach others to use their creativity. I still love teaching every day. But my own creative development did not stop there. I discovered mixed media art and intuitive painting and these techniques are now part of my creative passion. I like to express myself in an explosion of color and fanciful patterns which I like to call Happy Art, art that makes you smile! Crazy, happy, beautiful art objects, that is my passion. All of this fits in with my vision that art does not have to be bombastic or difficult. Art is here for everyone and that is how it should be. In my future work I will keep on promoting this vision for this is who I am!

My motto: Art is a beautiful present, use it to do some good!

Since 2010 I am a member of the National Association of visual Arts, NABK. When you are interested in my work or you want to know more about commission work feel free to contact me at